Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'll be gone ...

Dear friends,

from tomorrow on until the 18th, which is my 50th birthday, I will be in retreat at Wat Rampoeng. As I will not talk except for report and chanting, I'll keep phone and internet out of reach, as well. In case of emergency – if, for example, you're dying and I have to come immediately, call: 0066806765067. Otherwise, I'll be back on the 18th anyway.

Here are two gathas for you:

The five aggregates are heavy loads.
The foolish person shoulders them.
Carrying such weight is suffering.
Tossing away these burdens is bliss.
The wise have discarded all this weight,
not picking up any new.
Craving is torn out by the roots.
Desire is stilled, quenched in coolness.

One ought not to long for what has passed,
Nor wonder anxious about future.
The past is left behind, the future is as yet to come.
Whatever is present: sensations, objects, thoughts, one sees it - direct and clear, just so, just now.
The mind unshakable, secure.
Effort is the duty of today. For tomorrow - who knows - death may come.
There is no escape from death and it's great armies.
One who lives thus: ardent, unyielding day and night
has truly had an auspicious day, so the peaceful Sages say.

Be peaceful, joyful, healthy, without pain (in broken toes and wherever), without disease (this includes allergies), without dangers (not possible but a nice and sincere wish, anyway), may you love and be loved (in the ultimate sense, the pure, unconditioned love – especially for the monastics amongst you)

Happy to have friends being with me without being around with them. Lots of love



Sister Tinh Quang said...

May your retreat reveal great insights. I am on my way to Vietnam and will be unavailable until the middle of September, as I will be on Rains Retreat.

Much Metta

axel said...

Hallo Phalanyani.

Ich wünsche dir einen guten Tag an deinem 50. Geburtstag ..

Die pancupadana-Dekadena sind damit, sozusagen, überwunden :-)