Friday, June 19, 2009


it was nice to come back already on the bus - houses got less, trees more. it is a relief to be here, to be surrounded by nature sounds, this noiseproof-city-citisen-ears know the value of nature sounds.
when i arrived with the bus one of the villagers came runnig with a parcel which arrived while i was away. [again, thank you! andrew.] some known people greeted from far, after arriving at the monastery the dogs almost went crazy of joy to see me again and even the mosquitoes where happy to have me back with tasty farang blood and came in swarms. lumpoh was happy as well and showed me the new trees that were planted on the templeground.

tomorrow i'm invited to another monastery's 28th aniversery. i'll stay over night, but after that i'll stay here, meditate, studiy [thank you, andrew] the visuddhimagga and try to find out what comes next.

i'm invited to stay for the rainyseason [vassa] in a wat in the city. it may be wise to stay there for the 3 month rain retreat. hard desicion. i can help them there and i need their help for the next visa [if i stay that long in thailand] and maybe this elder, stubborn recluse can overcome her aversion against crowded monasteries.
to practice with teacher has some benefits, as well, i admitt.

have i ever said i gave up the wanting to teach dhamma and to become an arahant? well, that was hasty said. :o) these are the only things that make sense, the only goals worth going for. with luck i have 20 - 30 years left to do and to go for. there is no time to waste. and i should go to where i'm given the chance to teach and to practice.

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