Saturday, June 27, 2009


the last couple of days I'm experimenting with the walking meditation. I went back to the 3rd walking step, lifting, moving, placing and so forth.
Than I started to repeat lifting, lifting, lifting, moving moving, moving, placing, placing, placing.
Than I started to note the intentions before each part of the step but gave that up partly for the behalf of noticing of the bodily reaction in the pelvis, the chest and the column vertebral on every single foot movement. In good moments I could notice up to 27 movements in one step and catch the intentions but to walk 10 meters took me 20 minutes.
In sitting after this it felt at first as if an endless stream of information is vomited out of me, pictures, remembrances, millions. It was too much input or better output to note anything in peculiar, I felt dizzy and a slight fear to loose consciousness ... after some time noticing came back to the normal: rising, falling, sitting and a touching point.

oh, and there is something to confess.
Nuns are not suppose to climb trees, as far as I know it is not a rule but more a logical convenience not to climb. The skirts are really a hindrance as I noticed the other day on the roof.
I avoided for some hours to climb up that tree, but after 5 hours or so the little scared kitten was still sitting and crying on a high branch, so I decided to get the ladder for the first meters and then climb the rest.
Lumpoh came out to go and take a shower, when he saw me equilibrating between ladder and tree he came and supported the ladder. Don't know if he could see something under my skirt, I was concentrated on not falling down while catching the kitten. I wear underwear anyway. And I don't think he even tried to see something as he was going in his lower robe and towel, taking good care that nothing falls off.
It would be better to give the kittens back. They are afraid of the dogs and those want to play, so the kittens will be more time on trees then on ground, as it seems. They were on trees again today but I will not climb again.

Today I told Lumpoh that I will stay the vassa in Wat Rampoeng.

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