Wednesday, December 30, 2009

impermanence memorial

The old year is ceasing a new one arises.
We're giving time the frame of seconds, minutes, hours, days, ... years and think thus we can manage time. HA! Ignorant. As if we had any influence on it. It's passing. That's it. As subject to ones perception it passes fast or slow.
Presence ... How long is a present moment? A day? A second? A breathlong a heatbeat? or just as long as it takes to turn from life to death? Zosh! Zummm! How many cells of the body die while one heartbeat?
I'm dying, I'm dying! Ahgrr!
Yes, a present moment is short. Some of the people i know will drawn this fact in alcohol tonight, waking up tomorrow with headace that makes them forget all the good intentions they had for the new year. And will have lost by doing so about 80.000 of their brain cells. Hehe.
And then wait for the next year to have some other good intentions.
You friends and family will not do so, will you? The time for a good intention, a good act is now. And now, and now ...
See a child carrying water in both hands from the watersource to the sandcastle. When it gets there all water has run out already - that's how we do, we try to carry time to build a nice sand castle and - oups! Time out.
May all who come to read this be happy in the present moment, free from suffering, now, and now and may you all have some good intentions and 'find the time' to replace the bad ones by the good.
Hody! Years are changeing.
Have a happy impermanence day.

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Branko said...

May you too be free from suffering and find peace in your heart.

With tons of Metta