Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yesterday I was questioned by the Bhikkhuni here about my plans. I told her of some options, like: ordaining, America, Sri Lanka, to stay where I am etc., that I presently don’t know what to do next. I told that I could be of help for the center here as well as in America or anywhere else.
She said: “or have an own center?” “Yes,” I said, “why not, in some years, I need to learn more first, I can give good Dhammatalks for beginners already as I noticed but not for advanced people so I need to study and practice more. And if, it will be in Spain, probably.” She mentioned that they have land here to set up a center but are in need of a monk or a nun to go there, … but someone with supporters to build kuties and a viharn …
So this is no option for me.
She said that a nice luxorious kuti as I have it now here is adequate for a woman of my age, getting from one place to another is for the younger ones, not convenient for someone who practices for the higher paths.
Then I washed my robes and blanket when I was putting the blanket to dry on a rope where the Bhikkhuni usually dries here robe (and she allowed me to dry mine there as well). I was talking with Nadya, suddenly she disappeared in the middle of the sentence. Later I understood why. She’s just cleverer and faster than I am. A certain monk came scolding me for putting my blanket on the Bhikkhuni’s rope … ouuu! mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. As everything was already swept and the flowers watered, there was not much more to complain, so he left and Nadya came out of her hideout laughing.


Budd the cat with Ha said...

Good you are back. I never realised you needs eyes in the back of your head to be a nun. Ha!
Take care Silly Nun.

phalanyani said...

Well, yes it would be good to have ... Take care as well, dear.