Saturday, September 12, 2009


thought it might be good to start the course all over again. Here we go.
I felt so much compassion and worry for a friend. And was wondering why Buddha said compassion is wholesome while worry is unwholesome.
Doesn't seem correct on the first sight ...
Worry [kukkuca] is rooted in anger. Compassion [karuna] is pure.
An example. We see somebody loosing weight because of not eating much for a reason we don't know. When we feel worry, we want to change the sitation to make it as we want it to be. We have the conceit that we know better than the other. If we can't change we get angry and eventually start to quarrel. So, there is indeed anger, wanting, conceit, even if we mean good. A worried person would try to oblige the other one to eat to not become thinner, without asking for or respecting the other ones motivation not to eat.
Compassion is pure and not influenced of our own views and wishes. A compassionate person would, in the same case, be there, waiting with some food, in case the other one needs it and does not insist if the other don't takes the food.

May i get rid of the pride to be a compassionate person and of all worry and become truly compassionate.

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