Tuesday, September 8, 2009

interim report

No more back pain since some days even when sitting and walking straight for 14 hours daily. The back used to hurt after 6 hours meditation. At night feet are very tired and i feel tention in the right leg and left shoulder while sitting.
Wonder if that as well dissapears. Man, who have thought that. When i strarted, with vipassana, i could sit in full lotus for 40 minutes, but halflotus was painful and walkingmeditation was torture. In my first course i felt as if i have to pull heavy loads when walking, at night i krept crying on all four. Sometimes i fell over like fading. Sitting was easier but compared with how i sit now it was torture as well.
If anybody who reads this suffers from having the "restless legs": practice meditation excessively. I had it and often couldn't sleep because legs were itching and twitching. Now it's 99% gone and only is back when i happen to meditate less then 4 hours.

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