Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night was the hardest night since long. At least since i was sitting in front of the buddhastatues crying and taking farewell of the world because i thought i was dying.
Last night i realized that i can't help my mother, my brother and sister and dog. Especially mother and dog ... I feel so responsable for them and want to help them. How nice.
But it's selfish clinging. Tztztz.
It's not that they can't live without me, rather i can't live without them. What is the wish to help - the wish to control. Same as the worries the other day.
The point is not to not love them, but to love them in a way without clinging.


Anonymous said...

I curse our ability to think sometimes, and I am afraid too our ability to love. We are here, maybe, then we are not. I dont find this comforting some nights and for sure the enormousness of death towers over me. As I have said, this goes away somewhat if I stop thinking.

I think Buddhism has beauty. We need spiritual practioners. And if a tibetan or zen monk can have a wife I am sure one day when it suits a theravada nun can have a dog, not to mention a mother and brother.

Peace and happiness to you.

phalanyani said...

Dear budd tcw ha,
I tried to laugh silent but i guess i woke up my neighbors. Your comment about tibetan and zen monks having wifes so one day a theravada nun ... was so delighting.
Right comment at the right time. Thanks.
Yes, one day a nun can have a dog, a mother and a brother [and sister!]
Trying to get rid of it i only manifested the attachment.

It's much easier, a swift change of mind.

may the power be with you :o)