Saturday, September 26, 2009


Oh, oh, the instructor asked me to help him with a swiss and a japanese girl, to check if they understood everthing and explain some about meditation, he wanted to come later.
I started to explain, the instructor came back, but had me continue, when we were in the middle of checking walking meditation, he interrupted.
No problem so far, i expected that he will take over. His snatching back his meditation cushion while saying 'enough mae chii, you can go', was a little weird, though.
What i had not expected was the reaction of the girls. They got up, almost yelling NO!, the japanese said, 'i go with you, i want to follow your instruction, i dont stay with him', both their cushions in hands.
What to do, what to do?
The swiss girl was ready to go, he asked harsh 'where do you go?' 'please practice with him', said i when i left the room.

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Budd the cat with Ha said...

I think our smallest nail on the hand amidst the huge body that is buddhism is the amount of monks/nuns/beings that get it. Therefore, we are much more likely to give and receive defilements.

You perhaps have teaching in you and he was a little jealous!