Friday, July 16, 2010

western diseas

Another phenomena of people living in households is to need to be the one who is right.
Yes, I was like that and I apologize if any victim of my former need to be right is reading this. What a hell. We are all getting older. End really comes into sight, we should make sure that we do good for others and to be with people who wants to do good for us as well.
But no! The contrary is the case.
Instead of creating an ambiance of peace and harmony where one cares for the pains and hardships of the others, for the well being of all, care is just focused on the fault of the others and on being right.
There is no sense in wanting to be right, having the last word, dominating the other, in biting and biting back. The seed of hatred is set with every word that is spoken by wanting to be right. That’s pure suffering.
Maybe it comes along with the pain …
When I started to write this blog I was the same, I remember post telling about monks behavior and there was the wanting to be right involved. It changed by the time - yet it's not gone it still arises in me but I can observe it and let it more and more often.
Now I write about people in my environment and feel I do it out of compassion. Is that so, Phalanyani? Even in this compassion that sometimes is unbearable strong there is a touch of "I know better". It upsets me a bit to see people act and speak hurting themselves and others. And sadness has it’s roots in anger or different said: it is arising because I have a disposition for anger and the wanting to be right eg. want the people to understand that developing peace and love is just more fun. Hence, I’m still creating unwholesome … If I were radiating peace and love people around me could see what fun that is.
So, excuse me everybody, there is work to do.


Anonymous said...

I think so too. I think its denial. Even pain is better than death. We can think of our pain and not our death. All our arguments all our views are painfully temporary. We know not where we came from or where we are going. More important the pain and being right!

As your old lady said LOVE.
Though she sounded quite tough too.

And clearly this is something we find not recieve as a gift from well wishing Buddhist or cat.

And also as there are billions of us individuals, and thats just the humans this is going to take some time.

Glad you are well on your travels. I wish you peace.

Terri said...

It's so hard to know when we should say something and when we should be silent. I feel there are times I made mistakes in both. Sometimes people hurt me and I just let it go when I shouldn't have, and sometimes I spoke up when I shouldn't have. When we were in the forest together I think it was one of the times I spoke too harshly and I am sorry, but sometimes I spoke harshly out of a need to protect someone too, and wish I had been a little louder because I know they are hurting now because I let it go. I guess I feel I am very selfish.